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Modern Skills Office

Nowadays various technologies are reforming very fast and this reformation has an effective impact on industries, occupations, and pertinent skills. Undoubtedly one of the most outstanding effects that could be on the path of technology progress is to utilize an appropriate, standard, and suitable training system. This system should be able to adapt to the fast growth of technology, to upgrade the information resources, and to identify objective groups. Young community, such as, university students, employed and unemployed graduates could solve many predicaments and problems in every country considering applying their knowledge. However, the most important key exists between industries and universities to utilize trained people, having needed technical skills to be on the path of technological development in different economic areas such as economy, industry, agriculture, and culture & art by mixing knowledge and skill. Regarding the need for creating and deepening relation between training and industry as well as providing and promoting skills potentials of student community and trained people in the community and considering Technical and Vocational Training Organization` aims, authorized for skill training in the country, one department named “Modern Skills Office” was founded with the purpose of creating suitable and appropriate conditions in order to present modern skills training on technical and non-technical fields. The main duty of this office is to identify and monitor technologies and advanced industries constantly (High Tech) for identifying occupations and related careers and finally to train skills needed in labor market.

Regarding constant reformation in management and shift in approaches of different managers, this office has met many challenges while performing its duties. However it is very important to change economic orientation from resource to knowledge and technology, to plan, and to found institutional and lawful structure especially on developing and empowering human force.

The aforementioned office is supposed to provide appropriate human force needed in High Tech and modern and strategic technology in cooperation with three systems including Technology and Skill Training, Occupation Qualification System, Occupational Eligibility System.


Job Descriptions for Modern Skills Training

Establishing systematic relations with bodies and higher education centers to pursue the aim of assessing the needs of educational courses connected with scientific university groups and other related collaboration.

Monitoring and cooperating with educational and research congresses on presenting advanced skill trainings in industrial, servicing and agricultural sections such as:

Ø  Holding skill training courses before starting marketing

Ø  Administering skill training alongside starting marketing

Ø  Educational promotion courses for promoting skills



·         Studying and analyzing the modern technologies and strategies used in Iran and assessing educational needs in cooperation with pertinent bodies

·         Participating in scientific associations related to modern skills, inside and outside the country

·         Assessing skill potentials of trained students in universities and higher education institutes needed in national skill village and educational core

·         Cooperating with units, organizations, and institutes on the realm of scheduling for workforce needed in national skill village and educational core

·         Utilizing all potentials of financial enterprises and institutes-public and private- in order to develop labor market related to inventions, innovations, for national skill village and educational core

·         Monitoring scientific and pedagogical performance of national skill village and educational core

·         Cooperating and coordinating with other departments of the organization in the field of scheduling and performing common projects

·         Need analyzing and making plans for providing educational contents of trained people in corporation with Research and Planning Office

·         Evaluating advanced skill pedagogy standards and presenting feedback to related fields

·         Scheduling in order to make interaction between instructing advanced skills and labor market`s needs in Iran

·         Providing and compiling pedagogical curricula of national skill village and educational core in cooperation with Research and Planning Office

·         Cooperating with Instructor Training Center with aim of attracting educational labor force in national skill village and educational core

·         Analyzing and studying comparative new methods and approaches for developing advanced skill education

·         Customizing of advanced sciences and skills

·         Identifying and assessing statistics and data bank related to people needing skills in advanced level across Iran

·         Making relation with universities, authentic and scientific associations inside and outside Iran

·         Gathering research legal, technical, managing groups of advanced skills in corporation with related bodies

·         Cooperating with Directorate for Assisting the Performance and Replaying to Complaints   in essential time in order to promote the process of educational performance and presenting necessary reports to TVTO president

·         Establishing constant cooperation with Budgeting and Organization Office in order to facilitate, speed up, and apply logic in executive processes

·         Having relations with bodies, pioneer in advanced industries such as Renewable Energy Organization of Iran, Jahad Daneshgahi, Environment Organization

·         Making plans in order to set up educational cooperation with authorities and entrepreneurs who are performing projects and plans with new technologies and advanced strategies

·         Having relations with bodies and organizations, pioneer in innovation and inventions to attract and employ geniuses in national skill village

·         Holding scientific and specialized modern skills in corporation with scientific, industrial associations -inside and outside of Iran

·         Having relations with technical and scientific systems and websites, inside and outside of Iran, and extracting the necessary information needed by instructors and apprentices

·         Having cooperation to make films and commercial television teaser advertisements related to advanced skills



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