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      Syllabus Design Office

Syllabus Design Office is general department which is subcategory of Deputy Ministry for Education -being one of three deputy ministries in Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Iran. This office has changed its previous name (Research Department) to Syllabus Design Office based on the final TVTO `s reformations.

The main duty of this office is to provide and compile skill standards titled such as vocational and training standards, competency standards, educational standard in industry, special training for mental and physical disabled, training vocational manner, and so on. In fact Syllabus Design Office has the duty of compiling and also supervising standards in provinces. In general this office compiles two standard collections including basic and advanced standards. Advanced standards are for apprentices having associate degree or upper.

Three Approaches of this Office Include:

In the first approach, due to the serious need in one special field, the office holds pedagogical meetings with scholars such as TVTO instructors, teachers, and university professors and utilizes their comments in different sections to compile standards. 

The second approach has been carried out since 2010 as the monitoring unit on the performance of provinces` activities. In this approach, organizations ` departments introduce their proposal schemes and this office supervises the standards and other parameters with regard to job description and duty explanation and then after performing, compiled standard are put on the website.

In the third approach, one person or a legal group proposes a standard and the office supervises the way to be compiled.


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