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  Office for Private Apprenticeship Institutions Affairs

Nowadays, constant technology development and market`s needs for skilled workforce as well as the acceleration to expand the training services- by regarding the participations of private organizations- leads to new and variable requests for TVTO. As a results, this made TVTO upgrade the state educational department`s potentials and utilize the capacity of private department. By concerning article 111 of Islamic Republic of Iran`s labor legislation, for the first time a regulation was passed related to how to establish and how to manage private TVTO`s institutes on the proposal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affair number 53843 dated on July 29th, 1986 passed on September 24th, 1986 by the honorable council of ministers. This regulation would allow private units to establish private technical and vocational institutes for presenting pedagogical programs by receiving permission from General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Training Affair  based on regulations notified by private apprenticeship institution`s offices and TVTO`s participation, and also by considering passed laws.

By following the provisions of article 21 of the Fifth Development Planning Law (having constant apprenticeship and internship system in formal training of secondary and high school, private TVTO` centers and University of Applied Science and Technology), TVTO has compiled “Technology and Skill Strategic Document” including 8 strategies, 27 policies, and more than 250 programs which were put under the related TVTO`s offices. There is one program under process which is connected with the field of private apprenticeship institutes to expand skill trainings through the participation of private corporations in different countries, such as some performed initiatives with the aim of facilitating the participation of these stake-holders by compiling and passing Guidelines of private TVTO institutes outside the country.

At the present time, more than 10000 private TVTO`s centers were established all over Iran within the articles of TVTO`s regulation regarding the establishment and administration of private TVTO`s institutions under the management of private apprenticeship offices and public participation which take the responsibility of scheduling and carrying out the training courses according to skill standards. These courses include 40 majors and 550 vocational subjects under the constant supervision of TVTO presented and performed in private section. It is worth mentioning that the credit given to these training courses in private institution is equal to those given in state institutes. After passing exams successfully by trained apprentices in the final training course held by TVTO, a certificate will be given to apprentice having an international code.


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