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Rural Training Directorate

Rural Training Affairs Office History

According to articles 107 to 188 and article 196 of Iran Islamic Republic Labor Legislation, Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Iran established a directorate named Agricultural and Industrial Training Directorate in 2002 to achieve the aim of scheduling and performing necessary courses in different majors of agriculture and complementary and processing industries. Due to the needs to train other majors in villages and also the needs to develop the training of unskilled forces and finally to upgrade the skills of employed people in different parts of industry, offering services and agricultural training in the center of populated villages, this directorate has changed its name to Rural Training Affair Office since 2008, so that it could be able to offer more services for most villages.

Rural Training Affairs Office`s duties include:

1)      Identifying executive politics for developing rural training.

2)      Guiding and controlling programs for identifying occupations and educational needs of rural areas in manufacturing sections (agriculture and dependent complementary industry and servicing)

3)      Recognizing and obtaining capabilities for developing rural economy.

4)      Expanding international relations and interactions with the aim of utilizing executive experience and approaches for training villagers in other countries.

5)       Compiling and presenting suitable workshop plans for performing TVTO`s training needed in rural community in two parts of manufacturing and servicing.

6)      Evaluating and predicting credits needed in sections being subcategory of rural training in Annual Total Budget.

7)      Compiling instruction, executive regulation and guidelines needed in rural training section.

8)      Analyzing and evaluating training standards and presenting its outcomes to related organizations in order to perform needed reformations.

9)      Building and coordinating relations among organizations and relevant offices on the realm of rural development

10)  Developing TVTO` s institutions qualitatively and quantitatively needed in rural communities with entrepreneurship attitude within TVTO `s framework

11)  Supervising the performance of all organizations in all provinces related to rural training

12)  Devoting credits needed in executive units for rural training

13)  Compiling and presenting technical and economic plans suitable for occupations and rural training

14)  Programming with the aim of performing all plans passed by TVTO and coordinating related sections

15)  Analyzing and passing training programs in rural sections

16)  Analyzing the results and the effect of trainings presented in rural areas

17)  Cooperating in the field of compiling standards connected with rural trainings

18)  Gathering whole information and comprehensive statistics about villages all over Iran

19)  Analyzing and solving problems and challenges connected with all elements of rural trainings

20)                        Scheduling and holding refresh training courses and upgrading instructors` special skills in rural training sections


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