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Training Improvement and Observation Office

Training Improvement and Observation Office is divided into two important sections pioneer in training affairs regarding state activities of organization. This section of organization is proud of being effective in the field of providing services for those interested in learning technical and vocational skills in permanent centers of TVTO, and also through educational teams settled in military bases and prisons.

Two important objectives of these departments include: 

a)    constantly planning and improving  the necessary data for TVTO`s centers and its branches, educational teams, and optimizing  skill-learning process in workshops through applying present condition, presenting optimized strategies, examining new and scientific methods, and validating and speeding up techniques via new approaches.

b)   Supervising and institutionalizing educational regularities- to present necessary feedbacks to optimize educational systems and to establish meritocratic system

Training Improvement and Observation Office makes all its attempts to reach its highest TVTO `s aims which are to progress customer satisfaction and instruct skills to applicants in the state section of TVTO. These aims could not be achieved except hiring Iranian specialists, and utilizing the knowledge and experience of capable instructors from all branches of TVTO in all provinces of Iran. 


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