Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization


Educational Directorate in Industry

Undoubtedly the aim of utilization and dynamism in trading and industrial units for competing in domestic and international markets could not be achieved without providing essential skill training.

 Educational Affair Office in Industry is recognized as TVTO `s representative for scheduling, directing, organizing, and conducting trainings to those being employed in industry and trade unions.

Job Description for On-The-Job Educational Group and Industry management:

·         Identifying the supervisory and managing approaches in industry and determining managers and industry supervisors` pedagogical needs for the aim of planning

·          Scheduling to examine and remark upon industry owners and assessors` requests for planning educational courses for training industry management in different levels

·         Scheduling for the purpose of expanding on-the-job trainings in corporation with TVTO`s centers and relevant private firms-inside and outside of TVTO

·          Making plans for attracting and training instructors in industry

·         Scheduling with the aim of supervising and evaluating the performance of educational courses in industry

·         Scheduling to pursue the aim of developing private firms` cooperation in carrying out educational courses in industry with TVTO `s regulations and with coordinating other TVTO`s departments, and relevant units.

·         Scheduling to use industrial and manufacturing educational facilities to refresh train and progress the skills of TVTO`s instructors.

·         Scheduling with the aim of obtaining industry owners and entrepreneurs` cooperation to transfer and equip the modern technology in TVTO as well as related training centers.

·         Planning to hold congress for managers and industry owners and inviting authorities.

·         Controlling and supervising workers, specialists and managers` trainings in industrial, manufacturing, and servicing units in production line by sending observers to report the situation.

·         Supplying training conditions for workers, specialists and managers in industrial, manufacturing and servicing units by using available standard training programs and pamphlets.  

·          Analyzing instructors` educational needs in industrial, manufacturing, servicing units in order to obviate their needs with relevant corporations.

·         Offering essential facilities for getting tests from trained on-the-job workers, specialists, and managers in mutual cooperation with Testing and Evaluation Office.

·         Instructing workers and guiding industry owners on the realm of plans and programs for on-the-job specialists and managers` programs by the help of related organizations.

·         Identifying and utilizing specialists in different majors in industry to obviate on-the-job workers, experts, and managers` pedagogical needs in industrial, manufacturing and servicing units.

·         Having constant relations with foreign citizens, Ministry of Labor and Social Affair, Ministry of Education, and other related organizations with the aim of getting informed of the latest pedagogical methods and utilizing modern technology to pursue the objective of transferring the necessary skills to workers, specialists, industry managers, as well as  on-the-job employees in industrial, manufacturing, and servicing departments.


Job Description for Educational Board being Adjacent to Factories and Trade Unions:


·         Making plans with the aim of expanding TVTO`s training   and supplying skilled labor force being on the request of entrepreneurs in industrial, productive and servicing units.


·         Scheduling with the aim of getting industrial, manufacturing and servicing units to participate on the realm of instructing skilled and semi-skilled workers though establishing training centers being adjacent to workshops as well as inter-workshop.


·         Planning to accomplish the aim of supporting pedagogical activities in apprenticeship centers close to workshops and inter-workshop through attracting some of their required instructors by regarding related regulations.

·         Organizing to meet the objective of supplying pedagogical pamphlets in apprenticeship centers near workshops and inter-workshops in cooperation with other related offices.


·         Scheduling and making permanent relations with those being in charge of industrial, manufacturing and servicing units by following  article 3 of establishing regulation for founding apprenticeship centers being adjacent to workshops and inter-workshops with the purpose of organizing educational courses by considering passed TVTO`s standards

·         Scheduling to expand the required trainings of trade unions within the framework of trade union`s legislations -passed by Islamic parliament-   and also by monitoring their performance


·          Planning and organizing with the aim of attracting trade union’s participation for founding private training institutions


·           Scheduling, supervising, and controlling constantly on courses being performed in apprenticeship centers adjacent to workshops and inter-workshops as well as trade unions


·         Presenting related plans for establishing apprenticeship subsidiaries adjacent to workshops and inter-workshops based on pedagogical needs- in cooperation with relevant departments


·         Forging ties between apprenticeship workshops adjacent to workshops and inter-workshops- available in all parts of Iran based on their type of activities and pedagogical needs


·         Having cooperation with Testing and Evaluation Office to get test from those being trained in industry and trades.



·          Receiving, studying, and analyzing managers` suggestions as well as industry owners related to TVTO`s activities close to TVTO and adopt them to TVTO`s regulation and referring them to related organizations, authorities and people in charge, in order to perform the proposals


·         Providing necessary instructions with the aim of encouraging industrial, manufacturing, servicing units to establish apprenticeship centers adjacent to workshops



·         Supervising to pursue the aim of good performance on the process of establishing apprenticeship centers  adjacent to workshops in requested units 


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