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Public Relations Office

Public Relation is the heart of any organization following the aim of promoting and establishing social networks in order to play its sensitive role properly. In this regard, TVTO`s Public Relations Office has made an attempt to establish effective relations with addressees inside and outside the organization.

Schemes for TVTO`s Strategic Documents of Technology and Skill in line with public relation

· Planning and establishing comprehensive system of technical and skill

· Developing and promoting skill trainings

· Standardizing, reforming, promoting methods and processes


Polities for TVTO`s Strategic Documents of Technology and Skill in line with Public relation

1.      Promoting learning culture and intensifying social position of trained people with educational attitude

2.      Developing cooperation with state and private organizations

3.      Supporting innovation and inventions

4.      Utilizing technology information and upgrading electronic services with the aim of promoting electronic E-government

5.      Intensifying attendance capability in international fields


Macro strategies of Public Relation Office

Developing, promoting, and expanding learning culture




Public Relations Office’s Aims


·         Revealing organization`s schemes with the attitude of technical and skill training system

·         Paving the way for establishing effective relations with particular authorities about organization schemes

·         Providing suitable condition to pursue the aim of having effective relations with bodies and units supporting technical and vocational trainings

·         Making appropriate conditions to develop cooperation with private sections

·         Promoting motivation of employees through performing cultural activities

·         Providing suitable conditions for establishing effective interaction among skill training institutes

·         Making favorable conditions for expanding the utilization of trained people in market force


The Orientation of executive programs of TVTO`s Public Relation with the aim to achieve the aforementioned aims include:

·         Informing and revealing strategies, policies, aims, schemes, organization’s servicing in society

·         Informing and displaying organization`s performance and achievement in different sections such as education, research, and assessment

·         Giving information about organization`s programs through developing technical and vocational trainings in Iran

·         Informing and showing organization`s activities on utilizing advanced technologies in promoting training skills (Particularly in  ICT)

·         Informing for revealing the role of technical and vocational trainings in creating job opportunities and promoting the utilization of suitable market force and improving the quality of their products

·         Having plans for establishing cooperation in executive units

·         Informing and introducing elite and craftsmen

·         Informing national skill competition

·         Performing cultural and suitable programs


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