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Women and Family Affairs Office

Woman and family affair is a very important, challenging and controvertible issue (Ayatollah Khamenehyee, supreme leader of Iran).


Family is considered as the most important social essence and society structure. It is also recognized as each country `s cultural origins, civilization and history; in view of that paying attention to this holy and basic essence, supporting and leading it to its appropriate position will contribute to the moral elevation of the whole human family and society.  Due to the importance of family affairs, one of the most important issues in Islamic culture is undoubtedly family and its elements, since the women play the most vital role in managing family affairs and community. Women can take very serious and noticeable responsibilities for accelerating the transforming process and achieving constant and developmental aims. This  could not be achieved until some planning is created to develop and upgrade women capabilities in different aspects –individually, culturally, socially and politically. With regard to this fact that women are in the center of attention by Islamic Republic of Iran`s laws and regulations, therefore, it is essential that different relevant ministries and executive organizations schedule and perform one comprehensive scheme for empowering family elements specially women and lead them towards the developmental aims of country.

Due to this reason, training different members of family with an attitude to their different roles is considerably important. Technical and Vocational Training Organization has trained skills to empower women and family to achieve the mentioned aims all over Iran.

Women and family affair office of TVTO, as a counseling section, has followed some programs considering TVTO`s regulations – 20-year perspective- under developmental planning rules, supreme leader of Iran`s intentions and ministries’ charter.

Women and Family Affair `s Aims: 

1.      Developing purposefully the women training with regard to the ethnic characteristics of each area of Iran and also attempting to lead women skilled-oriented training towards permanent job opportunities by a) performing applied studies and employing research findings in planning and implementing trainings b) pursuing the results though legislative and executive authorities.

2.      Providing proper context for individual and social development through performing training programs

3.      Supplying active women cooperation to pursue organization`s aims through intensifying women presence in decision-making processes

4.      Identifying selected women  from two perspectives through: a)  organization`s cooperation- pedagogically and administratively b) training apprentices and providing growing conditions for them in order to utilize their capabilities through conducting applied studies and also performing empowering training programs.

5.      Providing developmental contexts and strengthening family root through carrying out the pedagogical and cultural programs


Aim Groups:


1)      Female colleagues in public-organization in two official and training staff, at management, expert and service levels

2)      Female colleagues in private- organization

3)      Apprentices in state training centers and private apprenticeship institutes

Working Committees

·         Training

·         Cultural and social

·         Sport and health

·         administrative and vocational


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