Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization


Technical Vocational Research and Instructor Training Center (ITC)

Technical Vocational Research and Instructor Training Center (ITC) was founded in 1975 in cooperation with the International Labor Organization (ILO), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). This center was equipped and utilized after the Islamic Revolution of Iran by Iranian experts and has started working officially since 1987.

ITC was established to attract and train instructors in different centers of Technical and Vocational Training Organization (TVTO) and other institutes and centers –on request- with ITC supervision. This center was run as an independent org the most significant role in developing workforce. ITC is affiliated to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affair and pioneer in training technical and practical skills to provide job opportunities, to promote work culture in community, to develop, to improve labor force capability, and to instruct specialists and skilled workers needed in financial and manufacturing enterprises.

To develop and catalyze the process of transferring skills and to intensify the quality of training courses as well as exploiting all the capacity of Technical and Vocational Centers, ITC left the responsibility of training instructors to other provinces. ITC is recognized as the biggest and most significant vocational training center in the country and Middle East at the present time in terms of possessing considerable facilities, advanced software and hardware and skilled workforce.

ITC’s Responsibilities:    

·      Training skilled workforce to pursue technical and vocational Training Organization`s objectives and work chart.

·      Synchronizing technical trainings with the industrial development

·      Providing occupational experiences in line with the skilled-oriented education

·      Making plans to grow learners’ potentials in entrepreneurship

·      Training instructors based on Technical and Vocational Centers` need, centers adjacent to factories and private institutions and industries’ needs

·      Holding retraining courses to upgrade trainers’ knowledge and skills

·      Performing applied studies to progress the effect of trainings based on ITC and labor market`s needs

·      Preparing, publishing and revising the standard skills for instructors based on the growth of technology

·       Assessing training needs  in Technical and Vocational Centers, industries, and labor market to achieve the aims  of training activities

·       Making Plans to deepen the cultural values and beliefs

·      Negotiating with domestic and foreign institutions and making effective relations

·      Providing developing countries with training services

·       Inviting professors, scholars, and experts to run seminars, meetings, and training workshops

·      Training applied studies according to labor market and industry`s needs based on TVTO frame work

·      Training technical and vocational skills

·      Planning and holding national and regional meetings

·      Presenting counseling services to industrial and servicing organizations


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