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Publication Office

Publication Office was established in 2010 independently due to the necessary requirement in the field of policies, missions, aims, and various activities in Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Iran.

Each organization, especially training organizations, needs to expand and publish the educational materials, and written media. Training organizations have the duty to expand, and promote career and skill culture in the society in order to train and transfer learning experiences regarding educational and skill standards, educational reference resources, text books in all careers, occupations available in different economic sections and distribute based on need analysis and feasibility process.  


One of the most important roles of TVTO is to evaluate and determine the technical qualifications of market force especially assessing individual skills having got some abilities and skills by self training and desiring to take part in periodic exams to assess their skills. Due to this reason, this office has prioritized publishing some appropriate books for assessing skills under the framework of theoretical and practical questions, answers, and projects.


Organizing publication process with the aim of promoting educational material, publishing training curricula has been inserted as a policy in technology and skill strategic documents due to the significance of aforementioned reasons.

The Aims of Publication Office

-Publishing and issuing educational materials, text books and supplementary

- Publishing and issuing skill evaluation and assessment books in different sections including industry, service, agriculture, and culture & art                    

- Publishing and issuing booklets for educational courses and plans of periodic tests


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