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Assessment of the Trainee’s skills
It is defined as the process of continuous and aimed collection of data and using it to assess the trainees, curriculum and finally making decision and taking action regarding the studied phenomenon. It is one of TVTO’s tasks which is in fact the indicator to assess the quality of implemented trainings and acquired skill. Skills usually are assessed in two phases, written (theoretical) and practical. The successful people in written test are authorized to attend the practical exam. Technical skill assessment is done to assess all who are trained in TVTO’s vocational centers, private training centers and anyone who wants to identify his skill level.
The applicants for Instructor’s license and the people applying for Institute Management License are assessed in the requested trades and the successful people shall obtain the related license.
The advantages of TVTO’s skill certificate
There are regulations for recognition of periods spent in vocational training, something which is clearly stated in The Labor Law of Islamic Republic of Iran:
1)    Based on category and time of the course, Skill Certificates are issued by TVTO, which are equal to the work experience. According to Job Classification Program one hour training is equal to one tenth point.
2)    If a job seeker needs more work experience to be qualified and holds a skill certificate which according to the committee’s approval is related to the job, then his certificate is considered as work experience.
3)    In job promotion, which is based on job promotion regulations, holders of skill certificates are preferred.   
4)     Specification of vocational courses and their experience equivalents:
a.     18 month specialized vocational course implemented in ITC      equal to 8 years of experience
b.    18 month specialized vocational course for skilled workers          equal to 7 years of experience
c.     9 month vocational course skilled worker grade1                            equal to 6 years of experience
d.    6 month vocational course skilled worker grade2                            equal to 4 years of experience
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