Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization


Curriculum Development Office






TVTO is the unique specialized scientific institution dealing with an extensive area of technical and vocational trainings for applicants of 15-65 years old, men and women, primary school to university graduates, rural to urban areas, individual training to group training for industries, training in a small factory or in a university taking advantage of an extended collection of knowledge and technology.

The extent of the training activities has put TVTO among highly important and ultra strategic institutions of this domain.



Main Tasks:


§  Providing skills standards (profession & training) for all existing trades in the country ( in large industries, inter- industries, special enterprises)


§  Reviewing skills standards frequently based on technological developments and workplace complexities


§  Providing assessment standards for all trades


§  Observing the implementation of the standards based on professional qualifications


§  Frequent monitoring of the standards to update them according to the stakeholders needs


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